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Speed challenge in Ski resort Ozolkalns

Put on your snow goggles and get ready for the Speed Challenge this Saturday, March 2, in "Ozolkaln"! Take part in exciting alpine sled races or make an ambitious descent in the "Big Splash" with skis or a snowboard

In the rating, both speed and show - it will be a day you will definitely remember! The mountain will be open from 12.00, while the start of the event is planned at 13.00, and valuable prizes, entertaining competitions and an unforgettable show await you.

Registration and receiving the race number at the Ozolkalns ticket office 13:00 – 13:45
Start at 14:00 in the middle section of the red track.
Participants start in the order of assigned numbers.
Participation fee 5 EUR/pers. – this ticket allows you to use the lift, but not with skis or a snowboard.
Luge takes place in two disciplines. Pairs - ride and individual descent. A section of the track will be selected, which is not dangerous and can be driven by every participant.
The speed of each trip will be evaluated. The results of the first three fastest participants in each of the disciplines are awarded.
Children up to the age of 7, inclusive, may only participate in a pair descent together with one adult.
Sleds are provided by Ozolkalns.
Downhill with skis or a snowboard - "The Big Splash"
Registration and receiving a member's number at the Ozolkalns ticket office when buying a lift ticket.
Start after the sledding competition around 15:00
Participants start in the order of assigned numbers.
There is no separate participation fee - you need to buy a standard lift ticket for the desired time.
You may start twice, but it is not mandatory - each run is evaluated separately.
The evaluation takes place in two categories - the audience's sympathy - the first three places and the jury's evaluation - the first three places.
The "Big Splash" is a descent on skis or a Snowboard along the Red track, which ends with crossing a puddle at the foot of the mountain. The participant's task is to successfully cross the puddle. Both the show and the size of the splash are evaluated. Participants are invited to introduce their own elements of the show, both in performance and in clothing and appearance.
Event attendance for spectators
It is possible to visit the competition and the show without participating in them.
Spectators will have the opportunity to use the lift without skis or a snowboard and have the opportunity to vote for their favorite in the Big Splash.
The price of a spectator ticket and voting card is EUR 5.

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