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Cēsis Autumn Restaurant week 2020

At the end of October, starting from October 31 to November 8, Cēsis Autumn Restaurant week will take place in Cēsis for the third year in a row. Cēsis and city guests will have a great opportunity to enjoy exquisite dishes at especially friendly prices. Gourmets will be invited to have a meal by popular restaurants in Cesis and the surrounding area.

You will be able to have a delicious meal in the restaurant of the hotel “Villa Santa”, in the restaurant “Jāņoga”, in the restaurant of the hotel “Jonathan SPA Estate”, in the restaurants “Kārļamuiža” and “Ungurmuiža”, as well as “H.E. Vanadziņš. Ziemeļu restorāns”. At the restaurants, guests will be able to enjoy a three-course meal. Each of them will have one special offer worth 20.00 EUR or 25.00 EUR. Special menus will be different from the daily dishes and will give a unique taste and enjoyment, highlighting the rich autumn taste provided by quality and delicious seasonal products.

Two new members are taking part in Restaurant Week this year. The restaurant of the hotel "Kārļamuiža" and the restaurant "Ungurmuiža" will offer their special menu. Unlike last year, the campaign will take place over two weekends. It will start on Saturday, 31. October and will continue until Sunday, November 8. Residents of Cēsis and guests of the city will be able to enjoy the special offers for a longer time and choose the most convenient day for a meal.

What does autumn tastes like? And what does it smell like? It smells like a sweet aroma of apples and cranberries in the air, which mixes with the colorful scent of autumn leaves and earth. The rich autumn harvest provides great opportunities for delicious and charming dishes. Enjoy the smoky rich taste of autumn in the Cēsis Restaurant week.

The chef of “H.E. Vanadziņš. Ziemeļu restorāns” will bring turkey ballotines to the table with butter pumpkin puree, smoked carrot and sugar peas fried in cardamom butter. The restaurant will also feature other seasonal products on its menu - cranberries, quinces, pumpkins, beets and nuts, as well as elderberries.

Coal-baked leek with blue cheese sauce, truffles and chestnuts - this is a snack prepared by the chefs of the restaurant "Jāņoga", which can be enjoyed within the restaurant week. The creative restaurant team will also pamper visitors with wild boar kare, pikeperch fillet and risotto.

Take yourself on a taste adventure in the restaurant of  hotel "Villa Santa". The attractive chef of the restaurant will have prepared lamb terrines in a golden herb dressing with sugar pea puree. The restaurant's menu will also include other delicacies - mango and shrimp tartare, haddock fillet, ravioli with pumpkin and crispy filo dough with apple and black plum jam.


Jonathan SPA Estate’s restaurant will feature honey-glazed pearl chicken fillets with roasted root vegetables. Autumn flavors will be felt while enjoying cauliflower and Jerusalem artichoke cream soup and sea buckthorn Panna Cotta.

One of the new participants of the restaurant week - the restaurant of the hotel "Kārļamuiža" will surprise gourmets with buckwheat popcorn, home-baked bread, fermented beets and trout fillets grown in Kārļi. White chocolate in combination with apples, quinces and sea buckthorn will be an excellent ending to the meal.

The diligent chefs of the restaurant "Ungurmuiža" will create the taste of autumn by serving duck confetti with zucchini - carrot noodles, grilled garlic and home-made apple - cinnamon jam. For dessert, a goat's cheesecake with lingonberry-sea buckthorn jam will be served.

The restaurants will take care also to include vegetarian meals.

During the Cesis Autumn Restaurant Week, gourmets will not be left without surprises - from October 26 to 30, a competition will take place and on October 30, six gift cards will be drawn for two people for the special restaurant week offer in one of the restaurants. In order not to miss this great opportunity, we invite you to follow the activities of the Cēsis Tourism Information Center on social networks - Facebook `Tourism in Cēsis` and Twitter @VisitCesis!

In order for gourmets to get acquainted with the offer of the autumn restaurant week and choose the most pleasant meals for themselves, the menu prepared by each restaurant will soon be available on the website of Cēsis Tourism Information Center www.visit.cesis.lv and on social networks. Please note that before going to the selected restaurant, we recommend making a table reservation in advance.

Cēsis Restaurant Week was organized for the first time in the spring of 2018. It takes place twice a year - in spring and autumn.


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