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Bobsleigh and Luge track Sigulda

The Bobsleigh and Luge Track Sigulda is one of 18 constructions of this type in the world

In comparison with other tracks, this one is unique, since it is accessible for visitors and tourists for attraction rides. International competitions are held at the track every year. 1420 meters, 16 curves and a 200 m long braking distance - these parameters of Sigulda bobsleigh and luge track can be experienced not only by professional athletes but also by every visitor of Sigulda.

The design of the modern artificial ice track was carried out by Leipzig sports buildings’ scientific-technical centre. The building works were carried out by Yugoslavian company “Graming” based in Sarajevo. The first round of the track was commissioned in 1986. The maximum possible speed 125 km/h.

The track is suitable for organizing bobsleigh, luge sport, and skeleton competitions and training. Each season there are international and national competitions. Parameters of the track:

  • Sigulda bobsleigh and luge track is an international class combined track with artificial ice cover
  • The length of the track: 1200 men start, 100, women start.
  • The difference of height: 111.5 m men start, 100 m women, start.
  • Decline: 9,3 % of men’s start
  • A total number of curves: 16.
  • Start positions: 4.
  • Maximum speed: 125 km/h (men’s start).

Since 2010 Sigulda can call itself an Olympic town. Sigulda locals – lugers brothers Šics and skeleton racer Martins Dukurs, at Vancouver Olympic games won silver medals.

At the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Latvia won four prizes:

Skeleton racer Martins Dukurs won the silver medal, his brother Tomass Dukurs rated as the fourth.

Best Latvian bobsleigh pilot Oskars Melbārdis’ four-man event with pushers Daumants Dreiškens, Arvis Vilkastis and Jānis Strenga won silver;

At the luge team relay event Latvian team of four – brothers Šics, Elīza Tīruma, and Mārtiņš Rubenis won the bronze medal;

Lugers brothers Šics won bronze medal.

At the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in bobsleigh, Oskars Melbārdis and Jānis Strenga won a bronze medal for Latvia in a two-man event. Sigulda district can be proud to be in the first place in the world according to winter Olympics medals.

Rides with soft bob “Vučko” are organized from November to March by prior arrangement.

During the ride with soft bob Vučko you can enjoy the speed, and every turn is a new and unforgettable adventure. The bobsleigh and luge track was built by the Yugoslavian company Graming based in Sarajevo. They were also the ones who brought the first Vučko sleds to Sigulda. It turns out that Vučko was the name of the wolf cub that was the mascot of the Sarajevo Winter Olympics. Worth knowing! The attraction is safe and also available for children from 6 years, but only taking the ride together with one of the parents.

Rides with winter bobsleigh and tourist attraction “frog” are organized from November to March by prior arrangement.

If you want to understand what a skeleton means, try a ride with the tourism attraction Frog. Lying on your belly, you can enjoy both rapid curves and fast lines.
Feel as a bobsleigh participant in the Olympic Games. You are given a unique opportunity to drive at speeds over 100 km/h. Rapid curves and fast speed – it is an opportunity for everyone to test themselves. The bobsleigh pilot takes care of the ride at maximum speed, giving the passengers surprising emotions. Rides are available for people from 16 years. Trips are available from November to March. This activity is not recommended if you have problems with your back, heart, or neck.
This route is one of the few in the world, the survey of which is open to anyone interested. On the sixth-floor level visitors have a platform for an excellent view of the entire track from start to finish, as well as the Gauja valley scenic landscape.

Sigulda bobsleigh’s history started to form itself already in the 19th century when grand duke Kropotkin built the first 900 meters long ice road with one curve. This artificial ice track in the first bobsleigh track in the Baltics. As the track was developing the first bobsleighs were imported from abroad and used as examples for local enthusiasts who began to build their own toboggans.

In 2009 artificial ice starting platform – one of the most sophisticated platforms of the highest quality in the world, allowing the athletes to prepare for the contests better, was opened on the bobsled and luge track.

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