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Team building at Ziedlejas

Teambuilding – at Ziedlejas, they offer professionally organized teambuilding activities for various kind of collectives – from elementary school children to high grade business and institution executives.

The story behind: Every person is learning – he or she learns by every passing moment in this world. Some virtues come easy and naturally, but for others even the lifetime is too short. Among them one is essential – how to stay good in this world and nurture the peace within? And other being – how to co-exist with others around us? How to be with those around us, if they seem to be so different and complicated? Why being with some of them feels so light and carefree, but with others a complicated and burdening, like lifting a stone out of rived bed – too heavy to be carried out, nor able to rest back in its place… One stays human regardless of the role he or she takes in life – would it be business manager, teacher, confused young person with all the great life decisions to be made or a person behind the wall. And the person in front is the same. A journey through the hardships and challenges of life, taken with passionate joy and feeling alive, strengthens and shares true insights with us. How to perceive and approach a spotted weakness of a group? How to find the perfect role for each of its member while reaching the common goal? Every journey of this kind helps us to grow individually, and the whole collective with us.

“Atklāj sevi” (“Discover yourself”) is a team of youth/team building specialists – a non-governmental organization. We are ready to take you on a journey, to share our knowledge and help reach meaningful insights both emotionally and socially. Teambuilding adventure is set to be organized in groups starting from 10 persons, carried out in very special place by the nature.

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