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Vienkoču Park

Learn about wood craftsman’s trade, green lifestyle and the history of the vicinity of Līgatne, and draw inspiration from the unique wooden sculptures and objects at Vienkoču Park!

Woodcraft Museum in the park territory is the place to start if you are interested in wood craftsman’s trade. Furnished as an old workshop, it will shed light on how ancient craftsmen made various household objects and dugout boats (vienkoces), and essentials of wood craving.

Built on the principles of green thinking, the Vienkoču Park seeks to promote green lifestyle. It features a variety of natural materials, with the untouched primeval nature taking the primary place in it.

On your walk through the park you will see the Manor and models of other historical buildings, expressive wooden sculptures, ethnographic buildings, dugout boats, tar kiln, and the first sandbag house in Latvia where you will be introduced to its construction process and inspired to start a green lifestyle.

Examine the ancient household items, buildings and their models, and listen to the guide’s stories about the past to learn a lot of interesting things about the history of the vicinity of Līgatne and the lifestyle of its ancient inhabitants.

Feel the power and energy of the wooden sculptures and objects and admire the skill and wisdom of both the ancient and modern craftsmen who work with this material permeated with the essence of nature.



Additional services

  • Guide services in the park and at the Woodcraft Museum
  • Guided evening and night walks with torches
  • Walk with snowshoes
  • Nature jewellery workshop
  • Wooden souvenirs

For your convenience

  • Free parking
  • Restroom
  • Most of the park territory is accessible to people with disabilities
  • Playground both for children and adults
  • Picnic and campfire spots


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