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Rehabilitation Centre “Līgatne”

The rehabilitation centre “Līgatne” is enclosed by a fairy-tale forest, and it allows you enjoying many health and beauty programmes and procedures.

There are times, when one wishes to get away from each and every one — daily routines, rush, duties — to relax and take a deep breath for a moment.

The vicinity of rehabilitation centre “Līgatne” is a magnificent nature, the power and energy of which is broadly shared with everyone.

A walk in a silent forest, the beauty of the river curves, the fresh air, indulging of the body with the power of water, mind relaxation with bird songs.

Beauty and health programmes

Rehabilitation centre “Līgatne” offers many beauty programmes and other services developed by highly qualified professionals. The programmes include various procedures, accommodation in hotel, and catering.

For example, the programme “3 days off”, includes: back, underwater, Ayurvedic massages, bath rite under the lead of a skilled herbalist, herbal teas and fresh-made juices, accommodation in the resort hotel “Līgatne” and tasty meals. Irrespective of the programme you choose they all include a wide range of services.


The rehabilitation centre offers various massages — classic, facial, relaxing, sculpting, honey massage, massage with warm stones and Leilani massage covering multiple massage techniques: Thai, Shiatsu, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, and others.

During the warm season, when the sun is high in the sky and no rain is expected, you can enjoy a relaxing full-body massage out in the forest, on the river bank.

During the rite the practitioner tells you folk songs, since listening to these clean the mind and soul, and by combining the song with the touch also the body is purified.

To strengthen the mind and body, you can have herbal tea and a slice of bread with honey after the massage.

Water procedures

Rehabilitation centre “Līgatne” offers several water procedures: underwater massage, various baths for the whole body (pearl, turpentine, sea salt, mud extract, special seasonal baths, such as rowan-tree, meadow flowers, beer extract, and others), circular shower, as well as baths for legs and arms.


Water procedures have a treatment effect, they regulate the functioning of immune system, and contribute to tempering of the body. These procedures help you lose weight and get rid of cellulite, since they improve the blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism.



Rehabilitation Centre “Līgatne” offers also rehabilitation services by professional medical stuff for patients after stroke, surgeries, for patients with bone and joint diseases, and patients suffering from overweight and stress-induced issues.

Each rehabilitation programme covers various medical procedures. Depending on the health condition, disease features, and other factors, the rehabilitation doctor will assign you the most suitable treatment methods.

Successful recovery process is ensured by the individual approach and active participation by the patients in cooperation with the professional team from the centre.

Other leisure options

Rehabilitation Centre “Līgatne” is enclosed by a beautiful forest with hiking and myth trails criss-crossing it; leisure here is overwhelmed by the energy of nature.

During the free time, you can go Nordic walking or cycling around the sightseeing places in Līgatne, enjoy the scenic landscapes and the take-away meal from your picnic basket, the content of which may be filled with the assistance of the cooks from the rehabilitation centre.



Prices of beauty and health programmes

Payment form

  • In cash
  • Bank cards
  • Wire transfer


Extra services

For your conveniences

  • Free parking
  • WC
  • Picnic site for charge
  • Access for disabled persons
  • Wireless internet (Wi-Fi)


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