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Breathtaking multimedia story in Cēsis Castle

The “Multimedia story of Cēsis castle” invites the visitors to experience amazing multimedia story about Cēsis Castle, by reliving the most important historical events and feel the ancient atmosphere.

Audiovisual projections are used as the artistic approach. They cover cover castle towers’ 3rd floor room in 270 degrees. The visitor is standing in a room which changes together with centuries by reconstructing events, historical facts, castle’s interior design elements and everyday rhythm. Historic window ales are used for projected illusion of castle’s surroundings and illustrates its development and wars.

“To be honest, this project is unique not only in Latvia but also in the Baltics. Although multimedia element is frequently used in the exhibitions all around the world, Cēsis castle’s size and specific artistic approach allows the visitor to entirely re-live the historical story by experiencing a unique feeling. Because of the amazing emotions the exhibition offers, I recommend this to both, city guests and local inhabitants.” says Andra Magone, head of Cēsis Tourism Information centre.

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