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Mini Zoo Mežiņi

Mini Zoo "Mežiņi" is Latvian rural crafts and animal farm.

At Mini Zoo "Mežiņi" see, feed and also have closer contact with all kinds of pets and poultry. 

Every visitor will be warmly welcomed by the residents of "Rabbit Village". Rare Angora rabbits are bred in the Angora house, and  in the "Cukuriņu Park" lives the pride of the farm - Latvijas Cukurvistiņas.

Chickens and chicks walk freely in the yard, dogs and cats also often offer their friendship.

In some of the enclosures you can also find some more exotic animals, including wallabies and alpacas.

In the workshop, the owners present the process of obtaining and processing Angora rabbit wool, from rabbit shearing to spinning. It is also possible to see and buy a wide variety of knitwear made from the wool of domestic sheep, rabbits, alpacas, and dogs.

The farm is especially suitable for families with children, and also welcomes larger groups.

Opening hours vary seasonally. 
In Summer season 2024 visit the Mini Zoo from Tuesday till Sunday at 10 AM -6PM

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