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Ski resort "Žagarkalns"

A variety of tracks available for skiing and snowboarding.

Among Latvian ski resorts, "Žagarkalns" is distinguished by its wide range of facilities: there are many different tracks.

"Žagarkalns" offers eight tracks of different difficulty connected to each other. They are situated on several adjacent slopes. In "Žagarkalns" you will find not only long and smooth slopes, but also dynamic tracks with steeper sections and sharp turns.

"Žagarkalns" operates the largest Latvian professional ski school, and the ski centre is ideally suitable for children, beginners, families and large corporate events.

"Žagarkalns" provides rental of all necessary equipment, two cafes and all the other services demanded at a ski centre – from a children's room to an inventory maintenance point.



Admission fee

  • Depending on the visitor's age and the day of the week, a day ticket for the lift is 8.50 EUR to 22.00 EUR. You can purchase tickets to certain hours

Payment method

  • Cash
  • Bank card
  • Bank transfer


Additional services

  • Ski and snowboard training for visitors of all ages
  • Equipment rental
  • Ski tests
  • Sauna
  • Guest house
  • Cafe
  • Sporting goods store

For your convenience

  • Free parking
  • WC
  • Wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi)


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