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"Rāmkalni" skiing trails

Unforgettable winter memories on the leisure park "Rāmkalni" snowy skiing trail!

Leisure park "Rāmkalni" skiing trail is perfect for winter sports enthusiasts, who appreciate exciting descents and beautiful nature.

Choose one of the two descents — the quick one fit for active skiers and snowboarders, or the slow one fit for leisurely skiers and families.

Here you can both relax and improve your agility and athletic skills. Hollows and various mounds will make for a truly exciting adventure!



Entrance fee

  • For more information on prices visit the leisure park "Rāmkalni" website

Type of payment

  • Cash
  • Payment card
  • Wire transfer


  • Two types of descents available — the quick and slow one. Each descent is 200 m long
  • Both descents are equipped with anchor lifts that are convenient and prevent queueing

Additional services

  • Skiing and snowboard equipment rental and sale
  • Leisure park "Rāmkalni" has a restaurant, bistro, bakery and a shop selling food and drinks produced at "Rāmkalni"

For your convenience

  • Free parking
  • Restroom


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