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Livonian Order Sigulda Castle

In the castle ruins, you can walk along the ancient stone walls, climb the towers and visit open-air stage events.

The Brothers of the Sword, who controlled the left bank of the Gauja river, built the Sigulda Castle in the period from 1204 to 1209. Originally, it was a "castellum" type fortress with a chapel. Later, the castle was rebuilt into a convent-type building. The castle had a wide outer forepart, where a bustling settlement of traders and craftsmen was formed.

During the Livonian War, Russian, Polish and Swedish troops were fighting near the castle. The castle was damaged in wars and eventually lost its military importance. In addition, in the early 18th century the castle was destroyed during the Northern War and has not been restored since then.

Visiting the ruins, you can walk along the stone walls and climb the castle towers. In the northern tower you can watch exposition of medieval weapons.

Mighty stone walls of ruins keep many historical events and stories. It is fascinating to imagine how the knights of the Livonian Order were mastering their fighting skills in this place.

In the ruins there is an open-air stage, where visitors can experience memorable moments of annual Opera Music Festival, as well as of other events.

The territory of the Livonian Order Sigulda Castle is a suitable place to appreciate the beautiful landscapes of the Gauja Valley.

Admission fee

  • For adults – 2.00 EUR
  • For pupils, students, pensioners – 1.00 EUR
  • For families (2 adults + 2 or more children under the age of 15) – 5.00 EUR

Payment method

  • Cash
  • Bank card
  • Bank transfer

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  • WC
  • Accessibility for people with reduced mobility
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