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Secret Soviet Bunker in Līgatne

The bunker impresses with its authentic attributes and exciting historical stories.

The secret Soviet bunker in Līgatne is located in the territory of the Rehabilitation Centre "Līgatne" at a depth of nine meters underground. It was built in the 80s to create a safe place where the state's elite could live in the case of nuclear war threat. For that reason the bunker was equipped with the most advanced at that time household goods and hardware that would be necessary in the case of disasters.

The bunker is spacious. There are many rooms with a mysteriously intriguing atmosphere reigning in there. Each of the historical attributes of the bunker is an interesting testimony with its own history. In the bunker's canteen, you can feast on typical Soviet dishes.

The bunker and the stories related to it conjure up the Soviet atmosphere, making you feel and vividly imagine those times.


Admission fee

  • Depends on the group size and the time when the bunker is visited, as well as on the chosen activities and ordered meals in the bunker

Payment method

  • Cash
  • Bank card
  • Bank transfer


All activities available in the bunker


  • The bunker is situated at a depth of 9 metres underground and is 2000 m2 large
  • This is the only authentical bunker preserved in Latvia
  • Classification of the bunker was removed only in 2003
  • In the bunker you can see:
  • plans and sceneries in case of breakage of all hydroelectric dams
  • autonomous power plant with diesel generators and fuel storage
  • air conditioning equipment with oxygen reserves for air purification
  • water supply and drainage equipment, which works on the principle of submarines
  • telecommunication unit, which was designed to ensure communication with the Kremlin in Moscow and all the key services of the country
  • and many other Soviet attributes and household items

Additional services

For your convenience

  • Free parking
  • WC


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