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Boat and bicycle rental in the campsite "Apaļkalns"

You can go for a boat trip along the Gauja river between Valmiera and Sigulda, or you can enjoy a nice bicycle tour along one of eight bicycle routes.

In the campsite "Apaļkalns" you can rent a boat or a bicycle to go to an exciting trip along the Gauja National Park.

Kayak and canoe trips along the winding and fabulously beautiful Gauja river surrounded by rocks will bring you great enjoyment of the authentic nature, if you choose any route between Sigulda and Valmiera. There you will also have an opportunity to go for an exciting kayak trip along the primeval Brasla minor river.

In the campsite "Apaļkalns" you can also receive a bicycle route map and choose any of eight carefully designed bicycle routes. They wind along primeval natural objects – rocks, lakes, rivers, caves, and old cultural and historical sights – castle ruins, castles, manors and mills.

The bicycle routes are of different lengths from 6 to 90 kilometers. Part of the bicycle routes are marked.

Guests of the campsite “Apaļkalns” can see the wide Raiskuma lake and its lush shores, going for a boat or catamaran trip.

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