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Rowing boat rental in "Mārkulīči"

"Mārkulīčos" offers you to rent a rowing boat for a trip along the beautiful Brasla river to see its magnificent surroundings or to go fishing.

In "Mārkulīči", which is located on the bank of the Braslas river, you can leave your car parked and rent a rowing boat. Fishermen will be happy to rent a boat to go fishing for delicious roach, perch, pike and grayling.

A rowing boat will also be convenient for a family trip along the beautiful river. By rowing boat you can go from "Mārkulīči" to the picturesque Aņītes Garais cliff that is about 400 meters long and up to 7 meters high.

In "Mārkulīči" you can pitch tents and arrange a picnic around a campfire.


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