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SUPs and kayaks rental BoardsYou

Boards You is an environmentally friendly company that will happily receive people and explain, demonstrate, suggest the most suitable solutions, because the main goal is to create and maintain positive emotions! Boards You have years of experience in stand-up paddleboarding and organizing variety of paddling adventures, also safety on the water.

Boards You offers additional services, such as:

  • Paddleboard rental
  • Kayak rental
  • Corporate events
  • Group events
  • Route planning and creation
  • Adventure organization
  • Team building and team creating
  • Group coaching
  • Water tourism equipment rental

Water tourism equipment rental

With Boards You, you can enjoy a paddleboard and boat adventure regardless of the weather or the hour of day, that’s why the company is offering paddleboard and boat rentals, not just at a rental point in Carnikava, but also for a takeaway.
Services are also available for families with kids without minimum age restrictions, as well as for people with disabilities. People with vision impairment should come with an assistant (equipment is suitable for 2 people on a single SUP board). Rental prices: https://boardsyou.lv/noma/

The company owns around 60 different paddleboards, which are suitable for children, beginners as well as professional riders. Boards You offers 11 “Sit in” type touring kayaks “Roteko Solina”, which are equipped with 2 adult seats and one child seat. They are quite stable and comfortable for a day trip with a family picnic, as well as for a long water adventure of 3 or more days, from a calm water course to a rapid water descent. Also there are available 15 “Sit on Top” or SOT type single seat kayaks.
For the fun parties or peaceful family outings we offer you a MEGA paddleboards, which can accommodate up to 8 people at the same time. For athletes, we also offer polyethylene and carbon fiber “Starboard” paddleboards.
It is possible to receive the boards both packed in bags for easy carrying and transportation, and in inflated form. The set includes paddleboard, paddle, safety vest, pump, paddleboard carrying bag. Before returning the equipment, you will receive a briefing and the best recommendations for a maximum pleasant and safe holiday on the water.

Boards You also offers a boat and paddleboard routes, with the option of delivering kayaks and paddleboards to your chosen starting point, or to one of the routes we offer. As well as routes with a guide, which includes the exact execution of the route, a short, unobtrusive information exchange about the specific territory and inventory, video and photo from the adventure and, of course, “tips & tricks” and recommendations during the entire trip.

Boards You offers corporate event organization, as well as team building events for individuals and legal entities.

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