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Teahouse Pils Pagrabi

Pils Pagrabi is a cave complex where you can get lost in time because in these caves, that were used as cellars for storing food in the past, you can now enjoy Asian tea ceremony that will offer you a completely new experience of smell, taste, feeling, and beauty.

Teahouse Pils Pagrabi is a well kept secret. There's no big bustle or rush, no bright souvenirs or loud music. Instead, you'll find here hammocks, wooden tables and benches, a place for bonfire, dimmed light, and a cozy kitchen.

During the weekend, you can visit Pils Pagrabi to enjoy Asian tea ceremony, as well as taste other non-alcoholic drinks and vegan sweets. However, the best way to experience this place to the fullest is to book it for a special occasion - celebration, cinema night, small concert, retreat, or sleeping over in a cave or tent.

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