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Traveler days of Gauja National Park

Gauja National Park Tourism Association invites you to the Gauja National Park Traveler Days on September 16 and 17.

September is the month of Gauja National Park, the largest national park in the Baltics and the oldest in Latvia. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Gauja National Park, protecting centuries-old cultural, historical and natural values in an area of more than 90 thousand hectares. Therefore, this year, in honor of the anniversary of the national park, on the Gauja National Park Traveler Days in September 16 and September 17. Discover the mysterious, less known natural pearls and cultural and historical places together with Enter Gauja guides.

1. Gauja National Park is graced by the meandering rivers, green forests and impressive terrain. On the hike "River Līgatne forest stories from a sign-letter, from a letter-word, from a word - a book..." on September 16, get to know the natural magnetism of Līgatne village and nature, see the Garden of Baltu Signs, as well as the Library of Rescued Books - the only "folk format library" in Latvia in the Springšli mill.
Gathering: Guest house "Agave", Līgatne, at 11:00 AM
Distance: 10 km
Information and application tel. +371 26407514, e-mail: agavesviesiem@gmail.com
2. Many sandstone rocks of unique shapes hide in the forests away from human eyes. "Walk along the rock parade on the banks of the Rauna and Vaive rivers!" on a hike on September 16, get to know nature full of surprises on forest trails and off-trails, while doing various physical activities and participating in conversations promoting the growth of lifestyle habits. The hike is led by guides of Lifestyle and Wellness Tourism Agency "Power Journey".
Meeting place: Vaive mill. Priekuli, at 10:30 AM
Distance: 8km
Information and application tel. +371 28356065, e-mail: powerjourney8@gmail.com
Participation fee: 7 Eur
3. The picturesque landscapes of Gauja National Park inspire artists and delight residents and guests from sunrise to sunset, from spring to winter. On September 16, enjoy the romance of the sunset and live music on a hike on the picturesque slopes of Ozolkalns during the Sunset hike with Cēsis Inside guide.
Gathering: Ozolkalns, Cēsis, at 5:30 PM
Information and application tel. +371 29109965, e-mail cesisinside@gmail.com
Participation fee: 15 Eur
4. Sandstone cliffs and rocks formed millions of years ago in the Gauja National Park sparkle in the sun's rays, highlighting their special color ranges. On September 17, during the Sunrise hike, wait for the sunrise on an exploratory excursion led by Cēsis Inside in the picturesque landscapes of Zvārte rock and on the banks of the Amata river. Together we will enjoy the melodies of kokle music, breakfast of warm tea, coffee and cookies, and let's talk about nature and human influence on it.
Gathering: Zvārtes Rock, Cēsis, at 6:15 AM
Information and application tel. 29109965, email cesisinside@gmail.com
Participation fee: 15 Eur
During the hikes, we invite you to dress in weather-appropriate clothing and sturdy hiking shoes, and take a bottle of drinking water with you. dvance registration is required.
The Gauja National Park Travelers Days have been taking place for the 5th year, confirming that the Gauja National Park is rich in natural, cultural and historical values, to be discovered anew every time you visit!
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Information prepared by the Enter Gauja office



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