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From February 27 to March 5, the first Valmiera International Multimedia Festival will take place in Valmiera.

From February 27 to March 5, the festival invites you to get to know the diversity of art content and forms in interaction with technology, both in the urban environment of Valmiera and in well-known cultural places, as well as in places where cultural events have not been held until now.

In the first year of the festival, will be offered a rich and varied multimedia art program, which will consist of both new works and already shown multimedia artworks, which will be on display in Valmiera during the festival week.

Five new art objects created by well-known new media artists in Latvia - Sabīne Šnē, Eltons Kūns, Miķelis Mūrnieks, Santa France and Ieva Vīksne in collaboration with architect Dina Suhanova - will be viewed with the possibilities offered by augmented reality technology.

The idea of the festival is based on an interdisciplinary approach to the creation of artworks and venue selection, co-creation and experience design, involving artists and experts from various other fields, both from Latvia and abroad.

The festival is created as a place to learn about modern technologies and see the possibilities of using these technologies in the creation of art content and forms, as well as a platform for dialogue and knowledge exchange between practitioners of various art forms, scientists, technology experts and the public, which attracts not only local residents and young people , who acquire knowledge in regional cultural education institutions and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, but also a wide audience on a national and international scale.

The festival is organized by Story Hub and Valmiera municipality.

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