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Horseback Riding in Inčukalns

The campsite "Zuši" offers horseback riding lessons, as well as rides with a line-cart or a sleigh.

Sitting on horseback, you can explore the surroundings and discover Inčukalns' clean and pristine natural treasures.

Horseback riding route goes through the field and forest roads to the great and ancient pine tree Sumpurņa and mysterious cave Velnala, where a clear spring flows. You can also see the bright Vangažu Church surrounded by a peaceful scenery.

To take a ride along the Inčukalns surroundings, the beginner will first require two lessons at the campsite equestrian field.

The campsite "Zuši" offers a masterful instructor-led training. During the lessons you can learn how to prepare for a horse riding and improve riding skills.

When celebrating wedding or other festive events, campsite visitors often choose to travel by a line-cart. In winter you can ride sleigh and enjoy the fabulous snow-covered Inčukalns pine forests and the fresh outdoor air.



  • Horse riding: 15.00 EUR – one hour; 10.00 EUR – half an hour
  • Line-cart/sleigh ride: 30.00 EUR per four
  • Horse riding instructor-led lessons: 80.00 EUR – 10 lessons

Payment method

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer


Additional services

For your convenience

  • Free parking in the campsite "Zuši"
  • WC in the campsite "Zuši"
  • Paid picnic area in the campsite "Zuši" (2.00 EUR + 2.00 EUR, if you wish to park your car on the meadow)


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