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Welcome to Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia - neighbouring countries in the North of Europe and Scandinavia, on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Visiting all four countries in one trip is very easy for the following reasons: relatively short travelling distances between and within the countries due to their small size, no border formalities between countries since Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia are all in the EU, and they have a similar climate. Finland, Estonia and Latvia also use the same currency and are in the same me zone.

The peoples of these countries feature many similarities in personality and way of life. However, each is proud of their unique identity which shows in language, arts and crafts, foods and traditions. Each of their capitals, features a UNESCO World Heritage site: the Suomenlinna fortress at the entrance to Helsinki’s harbour, the Drottningholm Royal Palace in Stockholm, Tallinn’s well-preserved and charming medieval Old Town, and the Art Nouveau architecture in Riga. The countryside provides an equally varied ambience with numerous national parks, contrasting coastlines and historic sites and is characterised by low population density and varied landscapes, rich in wildlife. There are also charming small towns, steeped in history and with a delightfully peaceful milieu.

While each country has its own national language, in cities many people speak English as well. In rural areas however foreign language skills are sometimes less common and interpreter services would be helpful.


About the project
Partners from 4 neighboring countries in the Northern Europe on the shores of the Baltic Sea have joined together with the aim to develop and promote the Rural Lifestyle products in the Central Baltic Sea region: Söderhamn (Sweden), Åland Islands & Lohja (Finland), Estonia and Latvia.
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Rural Lifestyle as a Tourism Offer
As we observe public interest in a healthy and natural life environment, there is a new way of learning about countryside tourism. This allows urban residents to “adapt” to a rural life model so as to think about a lifestyle change or simply spend a few days like a “rural resident.” This is a story about a lifestyle that changes accustomed ideas about the countryside, creating a rural environment which merges traditional and contemporary values.
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Rural lifestyle – the next trend in tourism trade?
The world can change fast, as recent months have shown us. Whether it will ever be the same than before COVID-19 pandemic, remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it profoundly changed the tourism sector worldwide. At least for the foreseen future, it seems that the time for mass tourism and attractions for large customer groups is the past. At the same time small, “un-tact” and private tourism destinations and products have raised the interest among new customer groups. Now, more than ever, there is a market demand for attractive tourism products that base on nature, small-scale production, authentic lifestyle and sustainability. These are all attributes that can be easily associated with rural tourism.
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Guide to seasonal activities
We have four distinct seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter. Each season has its own specific activities like mushrooming, berry picking, collecting herbs, ice-fishing and different agricultural jobs as well as traditional and seasonal celebrations
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Rural Lifestyle tourism products presented at JATA online travel market
On November 10-12, 2021 the Rural Lifestyle product was presented to Japanese travel trade at JATA online travel market by Asnāte Ziemele, Latvian country tourism association. Virtual meetings with eight companies helped to gain an overall picture on what changes Japanese travel industry is undergoing now and what is their interest in our destination and Rural Lifestyle tourism product.
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Rural lifestyle programmes
These programmes offer brief rural experiences that can bring some diversity to the existing tour operator itineraries for group and individual travel.
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Useful links
Information on rural Finland-Sweden-Estonia-Latvia travel destinations can be found on
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