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AdventureRide Riding Vacations

Go on AdventureRide riding vacation and discover the beauty of Gauja National Park while riding through the forest riverbeds or banks and be delighted of landscapes worth a fairytale!

In this AdventureRide riding vacation you will enjoy the swimming of horses and riding along rivers like Ligatne, Strikupe, Gauja and other most beautiful rivers of Latvia; enjoying true nature of the Gauja valley. 

This equestrian vacation leads you along beautiful cliffs and rock outcrops, you will be able to drink from springs and on your way you might even meet different wild animals and discover nature' s secrets. In the evenings you will be offered to visit medieval old towns and castles as well as other exciting places of your vacation.

AdventureRide is about passion for horses; desire to be close to the nature and willingness to discover! AdventureRide offer all inclusive equestrian horseback riding vacations to explore beautiful nature and wilderness adventures on horse. 

AdventureRide are equestrian professionals with highest level of service. Every part of your adventure will be specially selected – horses, guides, accommodation and routes. Every of route has its own feature – be it forests, rivers, meadows or lakes. 

AdventureRide is the first and biggest adventure horseback riding provider in Baltic States.

It is a family business where care about horses is a mandatory part of everyday life. Employees and owners of the company are tourism professionals and offer more than 30 years riding experience. AdventureRide is the first adventure travel company in Baltics that offers you the possibility to explore real beauty of green forests, crossing wild streams, galloping on white sandy beaches and discover other Baltic secrets on horseback. Explore the beauty of Baltic States nature away from the tourist rush and everyday stressful routine. 

Choose your best equestrian horseback riding vacation






  • Horse riding: EUR 15.00-30.00 (per hour)
  • Hiking tour in the Gauja National Park (7 days): EUR 995.00 (all included)
  • Other hiking routes: EUR 80.00-160.00 (per day)

Payment form

  • In cash
  • Wire transfer


Extra services

  • Bicycle rent
  • Riding in an enclosure
  • Riding classes
  • Excursions in the stable
  • Rides with sledge
  • Rides with cart
  • Hiking outdoors

For your conveniences in the territory of AdventureRide

  • Free parking
  • WC
  • Shower
  • Dressing rooms
  • Tea and coffee

Other information

  • Please note: rides with horses in the Gauja National Park are suitable only for experienced riders, who feel comfortable when the horse is at gallop. Lesser experienced riders will find the hour-long rides and riding classes more suitable.
  • The horses in the AdventureRide stable may be treated with food you have taken with you: carrots, apples, dried bread, and sugar (in limited amount).
  • All rides are better subject to a prior announcement, since riding services are highly demanded, especially during summer.


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