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The rapid current and unexpected obstacles of the Brasla River will take your breath away!

The Brasla is a picturesque river fit both for relaxation and extreme sensations due to its rapid current. At the beginning its dark waters are quiet. The river starts in the vicinity of Pociems near the small Anspuru marsh where it is shallow and narrow — the river can be easily crossed on foot!

The stream becomes faster once the river’s many small tributaries join Brasla. Further down the river, near Straupe, its valley turns slightly russet from sandstone. The stream gradient is more evident nearer the Gauja River.

Popular among boaters, the Brasla River surprises with its liveliness and surreal shore landscapes where woody slopes alternate with meadows full of singing birds. The sandy shores rise up in colourful cliffs. Ethnic symbols carved in them by the ancient peoples can be seen even from afar.

Beware of unexpected obstacles in the river that await the brave boaters! Logs and large woody debris in the river can cause changes in the flow of water.

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  • The Brasla River is 68 km long; its stream gradient is 65 m
  • The boating route from Plācis to the Brasla estuary in the Gauja is 28 km long. It takes eight hours to complete the route
  • The boating route from Plācis to Sigulda is 41 km long. It takes about 12 hours to complete the route
  • There are 12 sandstone outcrops on the shores of the Brasla
  • The recommended starting points of boating routes are Plācis and Straupe. If the water level is high enough, boating can be started 11 km upstream — by the bridge on the Rucka road
  • There are many log jams and large woody debris in the river up to Plācis

Additional services

  • Several tourist accommodation and tent sites are located near the river
  • Holiday house Upeslejas (Address: Upeslejas, Straupe, Straupes pagasts; phone: +371 29441917) and guest house Burtakas (Address: Burtakas, Straupe, Straupes pagasts; phone: +371 29451234) near the upper reaches of the river
  • Campsite Vējiņi (Address: Vējiņi, Straupes pagasts, phone: +371 29289796) and water tourist accommodation Mārkulīči (Address: Āvaidi, Straupes pagasts, phone: +371 29464946) for larger boater groups
  • Tourist accommodation Jaunzāģeri on the shore of the Gauja (Address: Jaunzāģeri, Krimuldas pagasts (~4 km from the Brasla estuary in the Gauja); phone: +371 26438333) and tourist accommodation Kalna zāģeri (Address: Inciems, Krimuldas pagasts (~5 km from the Brasla estuary in the Gauja); phone: +371 29276359)
  • You can spend the night, leave your boat and park your car at tourist accommodations

For your convenience

  • Free car park at Plācis and Straupe village centres
  • Accessible to people with disabilities. The river can be accessed from tourist accommodations which are located by the river

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