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Karlamuiza's landscape park trail

Karlamuiza's landscape park trail winds through an old park, which leads to one of the largest sandstone outcrops in Latvia – the Ainavu precipice.

Karlamuiza's landscape park trail is meant for a walk without pre-planned route. It leads through the old park, revealing beautiful trees and shrubs and showing the sights of the green saturated landscapes.

You can continue your walk at the end of the landscape park trail, going further along the long Amata trail. It will show you unusual Devonian rock outcrops and vast precipices that adorn the Amata River. Approaching the river full of rapids, the way leads to the stairs and comfortable footbridges near the river water.

At the shore of the river, there is one of the largest outcrops in Latvia – the mighty Ainavu precipice. If you approach to the Ainavu precipice, you will see the wide ancient Amata River valley.

In the landscaped wood, there are several resting places where you can relax and gather strength. These are famous natural attractions and wooden tables with benches and small awnings where you can enjoy the meal taken along.

Free admission




  • Kārļamuiža's landscape park trail starts near the hotel "Kārļamuiža"
  • The length of Kārļamuiža's landscape park trail is 3 km
  • At the end of Kārļamuiža's landscape park trail it is possible to continue the walk along the Amata trail. The length of the Amata trail is 18 km
  • Kārļamuiža's hotel offers informative materials about Kārļamuiža's landscape park trail and other surrounding natural attractions
  • The nearest tourism information centre is located in Ieriķi – Amata Region Tourism information centre. Address: Kumadas Street 2, Ieriķi, Amata Municipality (72th km from Riga on the Riga-Veclaicene highway), tel.+371 28681083, +371 64119024, e-mail: turisms@and.lv 

Additional services

  • Guide services in Kārļamuiža for groups by prior arrangement
  • Picnic equipment
  • Croquet on a meadow
  • Cycling tours for groups
  • Bicycle rental and Nordic walking equipment rental
  • Camp-site rental

For your convenience

  • Free parking near Kārļamuiža
  • WC
  • Free picnic spots


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