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The opening concert of Cello Cēsis Festival is breaking through the established boundaries of genres; it is an invitation to a programme inspired by search for new musical solutions: the grandson of composer Sergei Prokofiev, London-based composer, musician and producer Gabriel Prokofiev will team up with the Latvian cellist Valters Pūce and the Sinfonietta Rīga string ensemble to perform his original music for cello, electronics and string ensemble.
Founder of the Nonclassical record label and clubnight, Gabriel Prokofiev is a serial transgressor of musical genre boundaries. His work is rooted in the foundations of Western musical tradition, and yet the talented musician boldly breaks these conventions, synthesizing the traditional with electronic music, various popular trends of underground and new ways of sound generating, creating original soundtracks and scores.
In Cēsis we will hear music from Prokofiev’s new album ‘Breaking Screens’. A confrontational classical project, it playfully pushes the boundaries of genres and defies any attempt of pigeonholing. Referencing grime, techno and ambient music, his pieces breaks into the territory of hip-hop, house and alt-rock in an irresistible hedonistically furious demonstration of rebellion against the apathy of contemporary life.
‘Breaking screens’ is an excellent gift for lovers of electronic music who are interested in classical music and lovers of classical music who are intrigued by electro-acoustic experiments.
Alongside ‘Breaking Screens’, the programme will feature some of Gabriel Prokofiev’s earlier works ‒ ‘Cello Multitracks’, a dance suite for cello solo and a virtual ensemble in a multitrack recording of eight cello parts, as well as fragments of ‘Howl’, a contemporary ballet piece.
For cellist Valters Pūce this will be a welcome reunion with Gabriel Prokofiev and his music: ‘Cello Multitracks’ was performed by the two musicians in 2014 as part of the inaugural programme of Cēsis Concert Hall.
Gabriel Prokofiev, electronics / United Kingdom
Valters Pūce, cello / Latvia
Sinfonietta Rīga string sextet
Tickets: www.bilesuparadize.lv/lv/event/117476

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