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Apple Harvest celebration in Liepa Manor

Since ancient times, we in Latvia have had a tradition of inviting close and distant relatives and friends to visit for big works, who help to do what is difficult to do alone. We have a lot of different old and new apple trees in Liepasmuiž, which are full of apples in autumn. We want to revive the old tradition of apple picking and invite you and your family to apple harvest picking
Apple Harvest celebration in Liepa Manor will take place in the ancient apple orchard of Liepasmuiža on September 23, 2023, starting at 11.00 AM,
you can certainly come earlier or later.
Program of the event
✅ Arrival at the manor. Mutual acquaintance of the members of the clearing with the owners of the manor and with each other.
✅ Picking apples from the manor's old and new 236 apple trees.
✅ Common cooking of apple jam (we will present a jar of freshly cooked apple jam to each cleanup participant
✅ Enjoying warm tea and fresh baked apple flatbreads and rusks.
✅ Artistic creativity workshop for young and old creating works of art from nature
✅ Apple juice tasting. Excursion through the territory of Liepasmuiža.
To apply, simply send a message to Liepasmuiža's Facebook or Instagram accounts, or come to the event.
Do not forget to bring rubber boots, work gloves and suitable clothing to fully enjoy this adventure

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