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Valmiermuiža invites you to the most ambitious ethnomusical event in Latvia

The theme of the 2023 festival is "opposites attract" to highlight the desired - in art, cuisine, architecture, landscape and human relations.

The festival is not only musical, but also filled with various other cultural events to be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere with friends, family and newly-acquainted like-minded people. At the event, you will be able to see an open-air exhibition, a theater performance, the latest Latvian cinema, as well as participate in sustainable and traditional workshops, but recover your strength in peaceful and restless svilnėtava. As usual, excellent beer and delicious local food and other refreshments will always be available in Valmiermuiža.

Near the festival area, you will have the opportunity to pitch your own tent and spend the night in the welcoming Valmiermuiža stable. If you want more comfort, you should book accommodation in nearby guest houses, campsites or hotels in Valmiera in advance, so that you can enjoy the late summer night hours without haste. In the morning after the festival, you will have the opportunity to return to the beer terrace of Valmiermauiža for breakfast and enjoy some outdoor entertainment in the Valmiera region.



More information:

(+371) 27337798, e-pasts: kultura@valmiermuiza.lv

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