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Number of "Enter Gauja" Members has Increased in Valmiera Municipality

Valmiera Municipality has been a member of the Gauja National Park (GNP) Tourism Association "Enter Gauja" since the very beginning - in 2011. We are proud that Mini Zoo "Mežiņi" has become a member of the GNP Tourism Association "Enter Gauja" since October this year and can enjoy special member benefits, thus developing its tourism offer and promoting the influx of travellers from near and far.

Mini zoo “Mežiņi” is a rural crafts and animal farm located in Dikļi Parish of Valmiera Municipality. It is managed by Inguna Valdmane with her family. At the mini zoo, visitors can look at its inhabitants – all kinds of pets and poultry – and feed them with healthy snacks. A special pride of the farm is the breeding of Angora rabbits and offering related master classes. Read more about the story of "Mežiņi" tourism entrepreneurship experience here.

By becoming a member of "Enter Gauja", a tourist entrepreneur obtains various benefits – information and news posted and maintained on the "Enter Gauja" website in four different languages, as well as in the "Enter Gauja" mobile app, the opportunity to advertise on the "Enter Gauja" social media accounts, to show their tourism company to foreign bloggers, content creators and journalists, to be represented at international tourism exhibitions, and many other opportunities.

"Enter Gauja" is the GNP Tourism Association and gathers entrepreneurs and municipalities from the administrative territories of the GNP region. Valmiermuiža Brewery and the four-star hotel “Wolmar” from Valmiera Municipality have been long-time members of "Enter Gauja".



Information prepared by:

Vineta Pūce

Valmiera Municipality Tourism Board

Deputy Head

Phone: 25664420





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