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"Dodkepu.lv husky rides

Sleddog sports club Dodkepu.lv will take you on an unusual adventure along Amata River in the vicinity of the Zvārte Rock.
You and your friends or family will be accompanied by a whole team of guides during the ride – the experienced Dodkepu.lv trainer Nikolajs Kravcovs and the club’s huskies. The four-legged companions are specially trained and also participate in sleddog sports competitions.
When connected with the dog, your hands will remain free and the dog will help you to move faster and more exciting. You will develop cooperation skills with the sleddogs and enjoy the ride, where the genuine views of Amata River will surprise you.
By eroding its banks, Amata River has created unique Devon sand detritions. They look just like cliffs and with the rapid river and untouched surrounding nature allow to experience primeval feelings.
Elfa, Bella, Taira and other dogs, eight huskies in total, are waiting for you. If you go on a ride with family or friends, you will be able to switch the huskies and befriend several of them.
Dodkepu.lv provides all the necessary equipment, you only need to bring weather-appropriate clothing and shoes, drinking water and snacks for breaks.
During the ride you will be able to take photos with the lovely huskies and learn interesting information about dogs’ life, training and adventures.

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