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Sigulda sightseeing tours by electromobiles "Siguldas Tūre"

The city of Sigulda with its primeval nature and picturesque sceneries is best experienced on an environmentally friendly and exciting excursion.

The electromobile is an attractive and convenient means of transportation, which will give you an exciting insight into the culture, history and nature of Sigulda.

You will see the noble and legendary Turaida Castle, the large Gūtmanis Cave and many other impressive places in Sigulda.

In warm weather the open vehicle will let you enjoy a pleasant breeze of fresh air. Whereas in cold, windy or rainy weather you will have a chance to keep yourself warm with a blanket.

Depending on the excursion route, you will stop at various sightseeing objects and hear interesting facts and stories about them in Latvian, English and Russian

It will let you see more of the exciting sites of Sigulda in a more interesting way and in a shorter span of time than on foot because they are located quite far from one another. Go on an excursion on an electromobile  - explore more with us!




  • The electromobile is a small, environmentally friendly five passenger open vehicle with no windows   that travels 15–20 km/h
  • The minimum number of passengers is two people

For your convenience

  • Electromobiles are suited for families with small children, seniors, and people with disabilities (space for baby stroller or wheelchair). Separate routes for people with disabilities

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