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Līgatne Paper Mill

Ligatne Paper Mill was one of the oldest and richest paper producers in traditions not only in the Baltic States, but also in Europe. It was the only paper producer in Latvia and the most important waste paper recycler.

The company produced paper for schools and young artists, cardboard and paper cartridges, special purpose technical and packaging paper. Its history dates back to 1815 when the first sheets of paper were produced.

Līgatne Paper-Mill is an unique uniform ensemble that creates an excellent fusion with the picturesque nature. The historical centre of the paper mill’s village has survived to our times and is an urban construction heritage of national importance.

Handfabrik or Anfabrik (Hand-factory) buildings whose ruins still stand here in Ligatne were established in 1815-1816. The paper was produced here using mainly hand work till 1871.

On offer individual and group tours to the Paper- Mill by prior arrangement. 

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