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Incēnu Cliff

Surrounded by forest, Incēnu Cliff is like a pearl washed ashore the Amata River.

To find the beautiful Incēnu Cliff, walk along the right bank of the Amata River. The path meandering between the trees will take you to the beautiful natural formation. Incēnu Cliff can be recognised by the very steep river bank with clear water springs, which playfully gurgle and quietly echo in the distance.

From afar the ancient Incēnu Cliff seems to be split into two parts — the northern and the southern. This illusion is created by the Amata River, which approaches the cliff in two supple curves.

Incēnu Cliff timidly reveals only a small part of its sandstone rock, located in the northern part of the cliff near the Amata River. Elsewhere, it is completely covered with small and larger trees that weave into a marvellous green fabric for the sunrays to play in

Incēnu Cliff can be seen from the Amata River bank on the Amata Geological Trail in Drabeši Municipality.

Free of charge




  • Incēnu Cliff is 300 m long
  • Its steep bank rises up to 40 m above the river level
  • Incēnu Cliff is located in Roču Forest Reserve, created in order to preserve the untouched natural forest ecosystems
  • In summers Incēnu Cliff cannot be well seen from the riverside as it is hidden by the canopy of trees

Additional services

  • Guide services available with prior booking at Amata Municipality Tourism Information Centre (address: Kumadas iela 2 (72nd km of the Pskov motorway arriving from Riga), Amata Municipality, Ieriķi; phone: +371 64119024, +371 28681083; e-mail: turisms@and.lv)

For your convenience

  • Car park by Zvārtes Rock (for a charge from May until October)
  • Restroom by the Zvārtes Rock Visitor Centre



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