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May Park

The verdant and blooming May park is bustling with vacationers.

In the warm season May Park is clad in the green of trees, grass, and the pond, which reflects the colourful flowers around it and is home to a graceful pair of black swans — Catherine and Count. Mallards and various fish also reside in the pond.  

The fizzing fountains refresh the air on hot summer days and are beautifully illuminated in the evenings.

Vacationers are welcome to enjoy the walking trails. Children — to explore the playground and attractions. At the skate park you can watch skilled youths performing various tricks.

The park was built under the guidance of count Carl Gustav von Sievers and was named in honour of his grandson Alexander. The romantic castle ruins were created in tune with the 19th century architecture trends.

The May park is adorned with the impressive and mythical sculpture Battle with the Centaur (Cīņa ar Kentauru) by the famous Latvian sculptor Kārlis Jansons, which has become one of the city’s symbols.

Free of charge



Additional services

For your convenience

  • Free car parks: next to Pils laukums with entry from Lenču street (nearest buildings No. 6 and 9) and in Pils laukums
  • Nearest restrooms: at Castle Visitors' Centre (Pils laukums 9) and Baznīcas laukums 1 (entry from Torņa street)
  • Accessible to people with disabilities
  • Children’s playground has sections for children of various ages and interests, as well as trampolines and pedal car rental
  • Skate park


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