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Ezernieku karst sinkholes

One of the largest karst sinkhole systems in Latvia.

Karst processes (water dissolves the rock layers) are observed here in the gypsium from Salaspils suite. Karst sinkholes are depressions of soil in the washed out places, of wich the largest ones are several metres deep, and form groups of sinkholes. Nearby are also two smaller lakes – Vecezers and Linezers, where irregular fluctuations in the water table are observed. Over the last few decades it has been observed the water in Lake Linezers is partially (1996, 2003) or completely (1982) disappearing through an approximately 9 m deep funnel - swallow hole. This phenomenon is not regular, and the mechanism behind it has not been established yet. In autumn 2014 the water of Lake Linezers once again disappeared completely. A trail leads around Lake Linezers and to the nearby Pandu Bog.


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