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Light Tower of Sigulda

Light Tower of Sigulda is a harmonious place to visit while exploring the Gauja National Park, to relax, sip tea in a warm and cozy atmosphere. The place is a residence for heartwarming events and your celebrations.

Visitors are offered both a sightseeing tour of the tower, climbing higher and exploring each of the five floors, as well as a unique opportunity to enjoy fruit dipped in chocolate fondue or in a chocolate fountain, coffee and "Zilver Wine" made at the Sigulda local winery.

As the warm rays of the summer sun caress the walls of the Sigulda Light Tower, guests will be invited to enjoy the landscape and the joy of life on the tower's outdoor terraces.

The Light Tower of Sigulda is located close to the Sigulda Station square, and the Hotel "Siugulda" is just a few steps away.

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