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Dolomite cliff

See and explore the spectacular nature’s ruins at Dolomite Cliff!

Dolomītu (Dolomite) Cliff is an impressive steep cliff on the right bank of the Amata River.The cliff can be seen from the river bank and the Amata Geological Trail that winds along the top of the cliff.

Dolomītu Cliff looks like a castle in ruins that was once carefully built from solid dolomite blocks tightly stacked one upon the another. But in reality is was created by nature itself!

The cliff is a beautiful steep outcrop that is rather dangerous due to the sliding clay and rocks. It is advised to arrive at it from the top.

It is best to see Dolomītu Cliff together with other surprising natural formations found on the Amata Geological Trail!

Free of charge



  • Dolomītu Cliff outcrop is 150 m wide
  • The cliff is 25 m high
  • Its appearance is similar to the nearby Īļāku Rock

For your convenience

  • Free parking by the Melturi bridge
  • Restroom by the Melturi bridge
  • Free picnic spot by the Melturi bridge


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