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Lēdurga Arboretum

In spring 1973, alongside with his work as a gardener on the Lēdurga collective farm, Arvīds Janitens started planting trees, shrubs and winter-hardy flowers on the lesser-used territory of the collective farm: fields, forests and swampy meadows. He tried anything that could grow in Lēdurga, learning from his own and other’s mistakes, applying different methods.

Around 1993, dendrologists of the National Botanical Garden, led by Professor R. Cinovskis, identified 939 species, subspecies and varieties of trees and shrubs in Lēdurga Arboretum. This is probably not all, and the number of taxons may now exceed a thousand. Today this is a largest collection of non-native and exotic tree species in Latvia. The Arboretum in Lēdurga is the lifework of one man, working on his own for a long time, sometimes misunderstood and subjected to criticism and doubts. In about 1999, A. Janitens was joined by Karolis Treija family, who assisted him to take care of the park, and they continued to do so until 2011. After that, the park was without an owner for a year. At the end of 2012, Krimulda Municipality decided to establish Lēdurga Arboretum as a structural unit of Krimulda Municipality, and the park was reopened in February 2013.

Over the years, Lēdurga Arboretum has become a protected natural and cultural-historical heritage site. It is visited by thousands of children and adults. It is an endless source of material for tree plant researchers, as many species and varieties of plants that usually do not survive the winter in northern Vidzeme grow and thrive here in Lēdurga.

Summer season:

Adults – 3.00 EUR
Seniors, students, pupils – 2.00 EUR
Family (2 Adults + children) – 5.00 EUR
Groups from 10 person – 2.00 EUR

Winter season
Adults – 2.00 EUR
Seniors, students, pupils – 1.00 EUR
Family (2 Adults + children) – 4.00 EUR
Groups from 10 person – 1.00 EUR

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