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4 seasons

The climate in the Baltic States gives the opportunity to enjoy and explore the nature in great diversity, clearly splitting the year into four seasons.
Late spring and SUMMER are traditionally the most popular times to visit the Baltic States. This is the time to enjoy long days and very short nights - the magic moment when meadows are blooming and the seaside is welcoming with its long white and wild beaches. Summer is the most suitable time to make long and significant rides into the great outdoors. 
AUTUMN can be an extraordinary beautiful season for visiting the Baltic States., with the golden yellow and red leaves of birches, oaks and maples contrasting with the dark-green pines and firtrees. In these cooler months of September and October you can feel the nostalgia of the forests preparing for the winter as the migratory birds fly away. 
WINTER can be a magical time with lakes, rivers and part of the Baltic Sea freezing over. White and crunchy snow is covering every little path and road turning every bit of nature into a white and fluffy carpet. Winter is the most suitable time for those who are truly willing to look deeply into the nature’s secrets.
SPRING time is a longed for but sudden explosion of energy and colors that transform the landscape into green luxuriance. The season is full of freshness – the birds are singing and the nature is waking up after the long nap making it so easy to feel energized and awake.

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