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Experience the winter kingdom Gauja National Park

A glorious snow layer covers valleys of Gauja and Amata rivers, majestic castles’ roofs and parks, and let adrenaline catching skiers enjoy the longest ski slopes in Latvia.

In the winter Gauja national parks’ nature is covered in peace and nobility that tempts to explore all primeval treasures!

Ski and snowboard in Gauja National Park

Winter just calls to put on skis and climb in snowboard and rush down the ski hill. In Gauja National park ski hills in altitude of 80 meters are a natural part of valleys, preserved the beautiful terrain with a marvellous view of Gauja valley, river Gauja and tree tops an array of snow-covered trees, a pristine reminder of being in the mountains. Ozolklans ski and recreation centre in Cēsis offers the longest ski slopes in Latvia, providing 500 meters of true winter sports and entertainment.  

Enjoy the winter in Ski resort Žagarkalns in Cēsis. Ski and snowboard down on wide slopes with interesting terrain. Žagarkalns in total offer 12 tracks of different difficulty connected to each other, both long and smooth descents and more dynamic tracks with steeper sections and sharp turns. In the Ski resort is working professional ski training school and instructors are here to teach the very basics, as well as improve existing skills.

"Reiņa Trail" in Sigulda offers exciting leisure time in a spacious recreation centre that houses a variety of ski trails for skiing, snowboarding, cross – country skiing, snowtubing and childern’s park. Snowboard park is equipped with a variety of elements, slides, boxes. Experienced skiers prefer the high mountain of "Reiņa Trail”, skiing down on which you can move at a high speed and feel a pleasant fresh wind.

Fisher Cross Country Ski Centre is 1.25 kilometers long in Sigulda is illuminated cross-country ski slope that is the only frozen ski track in Eastern Europe. And know when winter has gifted natural snow, beginners and professional winter athletes are welcomed in 9 kilometres long ski track.

More information about actual skiing offers in Valmiera HERE.

Winter joys in sleigh rides

Ride in a sleigh into winter wonderland. In Valmiermuiža horse stable welcomes on horse sleigh rides in Valmiermuiža park and the surrounding areas. In the visit at Valmiermuiža horse stable visitors can learn about the daily life of Valmiermuiža stable residents, stories about horse care, as well as hug and feed them. Enjoy open carriage or sleigh ride in the Bīriņi Castle park and surrounding. The sleigh ride is a romantic adventure on white snowbank-lined trails – feel the spirit of antiquity, refreshing air and snowy gusts of wind! Typical winter scenery with the pervading spirit of pristine nature, makes the trip fabulous and memorable.


Explore the most fascinating landscapes with local guides

Trails in nature are winding up the valleies, along the rivers, inside the forest kingdom where lives fabulous diversity of plants and animals. In the woods and on the banks of rivers lay real giants – magnificent sandstone outcrops, rocks, cliffs and caves that nature have created in in different shades.

Embark on exciting adventures within local guides tours! The local guides captivate you with stories that turns into knowledge, surprises with a restaurant in nature and lead you completely close to spectacular natural treasures.

Cēsis Inside guide also intrigue with local taste discovering excursion and city tours that reveal the stories of the charming and unique houses. Lifestyle and wellness travel agency “Power Journey” invite on thrilling hikes that reveals the majesty of nature and health promotion activities and talks.

Experience Latvian sauna and regain energy

Sauna’s warmth surrounds the whole body and nicely comes in each cell, the sauna’s scent brings real inner peace. The sauna is already heated by wood and is waiting for your arrival after the exciting adventures you have been in all day.

In Ziedlejas they believe that nature shows us the right pace. In Ziedlejas Bath houses excellent sauna masters make the place and transcendental experience during and after the sauna ritual. And you will receive the attention and pampering. Ziedlejas welcome on Glass Pirts, Smoke or Black Pirts and Woollen Pirts and the sauna rituals are heartily supplemented with Ziedlejas plants, own honey, warm tea and strengthening dark bread.


Authentic and rural style sauna in SweetestHome holiday house complex embodies ancient roots. The heat given by the clay brick sauna stove fills the body with warmth and the moisture in the air comes from the water poured on the heated stones. Lie down on wooden benches and enjoy the peace.

Saunas are also available in elegant hotels Hotel Sigulda, Hotel Santa,  and cozy guest houses Green Hill House, Agave, Jaunlīdumnieki, Gungas  to enrich the leisure rest.

Enjoy the local taste richness

While discovering winter kingdom and the wide activity range, pamper your taste buds with rich flavors. Seasonal treasures of nature are turned into leisurely moments in cafes and restaurants.

Travel back in time in Ungurmuiža Manor restaurant. Your meal recipe dated in 18th century has come from the mistresses of the manor itself and includes the seasonal products. The chefs of the Ungurmuiža will be glad to hear your desires and will prepare meal for your celebrations in the restaurant, Manor House, Tea House, or park at any time convenient for you.

Restaurant Aparjods is an oasis of peace and is located in a beautiful wooden building with natural wood shingle roof. Feast on delicious meals while sitting at large oak tables on antique chairs with fine wood carvings. In winter the glowing fireplace makes for an exceptionally cosy atmosphere in the restaurant. The restaurant`s outstanding chef has created a fine menu especially for the rustic look of Aparjods, which also features delicious dishes inspired by the Latvian tradition.

Here at Restaurant Kannas in Annas Design and SPA hotel lives pure taste and natural uniqueness of every ingredient. Inspired by ancient Latvian cooking traditions and the slow-food cooking philosophy, their chef creates a new daily menu that allows you to enjoy a special and unusual meal.  Restaurant Kannas offers you fresh and natural products which are grown in the local farms.

Hotel “Wolmar” restaurant tells the story about interaction of flora and fauna. The motif of the meadow winds through the interior highlighting the queen of the meadow. The chirping of the parrot Charlie conjures up a true sense of nature’s uniqueness and beauty.

Every first and third Sunday local farmers and artisans fills visitors' baskets with fresh self-grown farm products and delights the taste buds in Straupe Farmer's Market. Here You can find organically grown products such as various vegetables, fruit, berries, delicious cheeses, meat smoked according to ancient traditions, home-grown medicinal herb teas, home-made cakes and other delicacies. The market is set up in a unique cultural-historic building complex – Straupe Horse Post Office, which surprises with its historical atmosphere and creative renewing spirit. The market is the only regular market for small local producers in the Baltic States, which has been included in the prestigious Slow Food Earth Markets alliance

Gauja National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Latvia delighting each guest with charming offers in all seasons. Discover fabulous landscapes, historical pearls, culture and traditions!

Taking care of its visitors, Enter Gauja has created a special and easy-to-use mobile app - Enter Gauja, which simplifies your stay in nature and allows you to comfortably navigate the territory of the Gauja National Park. Download it here !


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