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Enter History

Turaida Museum Reserve
The Museum Reserve is a vast territory, rich in art and history gems – the Turaida Castle, the wooden church and many other buildings, as well as the sculpture garden.
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Exhibition de Woldemer
In the most historic part of the old town – in the territory of the castle, Valmiera’s oldest wooden building and new, modern architecture coexist. The Valmiera Museum is located inside the castle walls. In addition to the rich historical collection, there are current art exhibitions.
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Cēsis Medieval Castle
Visiting Cēsis Medieval Castle is a travel back in time with tours around the historic building and hands-on experience in enjoying entertainment and activities of ancient people.
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New Castle of Cesis
Cēsis New Castle is home of the History and Art Museum, which tells about various interesting historical events and displays the ancient interior. Here one can ascend to the top of the Neo-gothic Lademacher Tower.
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Livonian Order Sigulda Castle
In the castle ruins, you can walk along the ancient stone walls, climb the towers and visit open-air stage events.
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The New Castle of Sigulda and Castle Quarter
In the New Castle of Sigulda, which was built in the 19th century by Prince Kropotkin, you can participate in craftsmen, artists and designers' workshops.
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Ruins of Valmiera Livonian Order Castle
The ruins store the memory of the ancient centre of the town of Valmiera and decorate the beautiful surrounding nature.
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Rubene Evangelic Lutheran Church
The legendary history of the bright Rubene Church dates back to the medieval times.
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Miniatures of the historical buildings at Vienkoči Park
The miniature copies of buildings at Vienkoči Park will reveal more about the history of the Līgatne paper mill and its surroundings.
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Valmiermuiža's Park and Tower
In Valmiermuiža Manor, you will have an opportunity to learn about the historical events of this place, see the tower of manor castle, relax in the shadow of trees in the park and go on horseback to a former hunting park.
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