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Lustūzis is impossible to miss while travelling on the Amata River — the sharp turn it forms poses a real challenge to even the most skilled conquerors of the playful river!

Lustūzis is a relatively low rock with walls bedecked with small crevices and nooks. The rock embraces the curve of the Amata River like a big horseshoe.

In springtime, experienced water tourism enthusiasts include Lustūža Cliff in their adventure routes as it gives an opportunity to feel adrenaline and speed, and the thrill of navigating rapids and suddenly being pressed against the rugged cliff wall.

People say that Lustūzis was named by experienced fishers and boaters, who knew the sharp S-shaped river bend very well. It is this unusual bend that attracts so many adventurers to the river. Conquering the Lustūzis bend makes them particularly proud and satisfied!

The beautiful Lustūzis Cliff can be seen from the Amata Geological Trail. Look for it on the right bank of the Amata River, about one kilometre from Veclauči bridge.

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  • Lustūzis is a 140 m long and up to 3.5 m high rock
  • View from the Lustūzis rapids is a popular place among travellers for taking photos
  • Lustūzis is composed of the Devonian period red sandstones of the Gauja series
  • Lustūzis is located east of Vanagu Rock, on the right bank of the Amata River
  • In earlier times the word “lustūzis” was used to talk about a location of outdoor dance parties, as well as a place for rendezvous and walks

Additional services

  • Guide services available with prior booking at Amata Municipality Tourism Information Centre (address: Kumadas iela 2 (72nd km of the Pskov motorway arriving from Riga), Amata Municipality, Ieriķi; phone: +371 64119024, +371 28681083; e-mail: turisms@and.lv)

For your convenience

  • Car park by Veclauči bridge (free of charge) and Zvārtes Rock (for a charge from May until October)
  • Free picnic spot
  • Restroom by the Zvārtes Rock Visitor Centre


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