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LUX relaxation at Mālpils Manor

Mālpils Manor invites you to enjoy LUX relaxation and attend Catherine Gupalo concert.
Offer includes:
*Overnight in lux rooms of Mālpils Manor (306, 301, 302, 202, 204);
*Invitation for 2 persons to the concert "7 Sad Stars" by Katrin Gupalo,
*Breakfast is served in the restaurant of the manor - buffet from 8 pm. 9am - 12pm;
*Late check-out from 2pm
*Manor visitation
Price for 2 persons: 150,00 EUR
More about the concert: https://www.entergauja.com/en/news-events/events/2020/katrina-gupalo-koncertprogramma-7-skumjas-zvaigznes

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