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Unforgettable weekend in the Gauja National Park

Enjoy an unforgettable weekend in the Gauja National Park from Valmiera to Sigulda.

Begin this adventure in Valmiera by getting to know this city from Valmiera St. Simon's Church tower.  

Don't forget to enjoy hospitality and delicious food at the hotel Wolmar.

Next, go to Valmiermuiza to get acquainted with the process of brewing beer or to buy local delicacies. 

About 15 km away from Valmiermuiza, there is a small village Zilaiskalns, where mountain Zilaiskalns, surrounded by legends and stories, is located. At the foothill of the mountain Zilaiskalns is the cultural history and visitor center of Zilaiskalns, which is located in the premises of an ancient water tower and a modern outbuilding. In the center it is possible to see the historical exposition of the natural object and sacred site “Zilaiskalns”, the village of Zilaiskalns, as well as the industrial object – the water tower. Visitors have the opportunity to rise above Zilaiskalns and look into the historic narrow-gauge railway locomotive with the help of virtual reality.

Entry fee:

3EUR – adults;

2EUR – pupils, students, pensioners, people with special needs

Please book the visit in advance. Address: Parka Street 2, Zilaiskalns, Zilaiskalns parish, Koceni County

Phone: +371 28644530

GPS: 57.557252, 25.215495


 Next, we recommend traveling to Cesis.

Along the way, visit the ancient Ungurmuiza and the impressive Eagle cliffs near the city of Cesis. 

In Cesis take the opportunity to get acquainted with the possibilities and amenities of an electric bicycle.  From August 14 to August 28, five electric bicycles will be available for free test rides.

These bicycles will be available at Pils Square 1, Cesis. Working hours of the electric bicycle service points – every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

There is a new and breathtaking tradition in Cesis. Also this weekend (14.08.2020 and 15.08.2020) at 22.00 and 23:00 the church will shine in glorious lights – the musical performance of the church lighting. It's a special mood story worth enjoying for every Cesis resident and city visitor.

 If you want to enjoy the charm of an ancient manor and the wonderful presence of Gauja National Park, be sure to spend the night in Karlamuiza

But if you want to stay in a campsite, then Apalkalns is exactly what you need. Enjoy nature, lake and a leisurely relaxation at this family-friendly campsite near Lake Raiskums. Here you have the opportunity to ride on a boat or a catamaran, and go try stand up paddle boarding (SUP). If you want a slightly more active rest, you can get to know the surroundings of Raiskums on a bicycle or play volleyball or miniature golf. 

Next, go to Ligatne, where we recommend walking through Vienkoci Park and purchase the goods produced in Ligatne in the Ligatne winery shoplocated in Spriņģu street 3, Ligatne.

In Ligatne, we also recommend to see the cellar caves and cliffs.

Continue your trip through the Gauja National Park in Sigulda. Here you have the opportunity to choose where to stay. Enjoy a leisurely rest and a lovely breakfast at the hotel Sigulda or indulge in suburban recreation and bathhouse enjoyment at the hotel SPA Hotel Ezeri or spend a romantic night at the hotel Santa or stay in the hotel Aparjods, which is housed in a two-storey wooden building and is a true peace.

Enjoy food in the restaurant Fazenda Bazar  or in the pub Bucefals.

We also recommend enjoying a real taste of homemade ice cream in the cafe Sigulda ice cream, located in the Sigulda castle quarter.

If you want to enjoy nature, walk this trail.

For those who like manors, visit Krimulda Manor  and take the opportunity to see the beautiful ancient valley of Gauja from this manor tower. Book visits to the tower of Krimulda Manors by phone - +371 29 111 619 or by e-mail info@krimuldasmuiza.lv

If you have some free time on Sunday (16.08.2020), we strongly recommend that you visit the Straupe slow food market  in Straupe horse post office. There will be the goods of local farmers and small producers: bread baked in the oven, quail egg mayonnaise, sea buckthorn marmalade, fantastic Matilde elderberry wine perfect for Sunday morning. And the always current linen – in towels, tablecloths, shirts and long dresses. www.straupestirdzins.lv

Make sure to drive into the Birini Castle on the way. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Birini Palace Park and visit the water tower. https://www.birinupils.lv/en/services/tours

On the way from Birini Palace to Riga, you will pass through the recreation park Ramkalni , which you must visit to enjoy the toboggan run and shop in the goodie shop.

It is clear that you will not be able to enjoy this in one weekend, so we hope you will return to the Gauja National Park to enjoy everything that this place has to offer.

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