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Peaceful campsites at the Gauja National Park, Cēsis Municipality

When travelling around Latvia, make sure that you have not missed the Gauja National Park that waits for every traveller to reveal its pearls and give an amazing opportunity to recreate at great adventure parks, mighty castles dating back to the times of kings and picturesque Gauja Valley.

When discovering the Gauja National Park, you may stay for a night at homely guest houses, refine hotels and excellent campsites where there is a place to park a campervan, to rest and to be prepared for the adventures of the new day.

There are several welcoming campsites in Cēsis Municipality that wait for travellers offering them cosy and groomed territories adjacent to forests and the winding Gauja river, peaceful as a blanket of mist that decorates the Gauja Valley early in the morning.

Campsite “Apalkalns”

When staying at the campsite “Apaļkalns”, be sure that travellers are taken care of!  The campsite is quiet and surrounded by nature. The closest surroundings can be discovered from a boat, catamaran or SUP leased nearby to have a taste of sunsets painted in orange, waterlilies and sparkling water at the picturesque Lake Raiskuma and outflowing River Dzirnupite. At the Lake Raiskuma, travellers may not just take a boat but also go for swimming and fishing. The camping is equipped with a minigolf field and children’s playground.

The Lake Rasikuma can be observed by cycling along gravel, forest and paved roads seeing the Village of Raiskuma, manor buildings and park with a channel across the Lake of Auciema during the travel.   While travelling, you may stop, sit on a bench at the side of the Lake Raiskuma and wander that this amazing travel will never come to an end.

Campsites is decorated with holiday and campsite houses and wigwams, preserving some space for holidaymakers and travellers. Moreover, at the Campsite “Apalkalns”, you are permitted to stay overnight with your pet, and there is a ground for walking and training dogs.

As a new day begins, you are warmly welcomed to observe Cēsis and its old town with craftsmen and traders’ houses, cobbled streets and cafes to enjoy a bouquet of taste. The old town of Cēsis is just 9 kilometres away from the Campsite “Apalkalns”.


Campsite “Ozolkalns”

The campsite “Ozolkalns” waits its travellers to offer rest at the foot of the Gauja Valley. Here, the River Gauja winds, stately trees are growing and travellers find peace.

Glassed sunset houses that are illuminated with lamp garlands and mildly heated by glowing firewood are available for picnics.

Active rest adventures are offered by the Camping “Ozolkalns” itself, at the adventure park "Supervāvere"! The adventure park is equipped with a range of small and big obstacle courses that rise at 16m height and stretch for 1.2 km as well as 60 unique attractions. Visitors may enjoy long descent with a rope and free fall.

The River Gauja that flows nearby invites to have amazing rest as well showing primordial beauty of nature at its banks and mighty sandstone openings and cliffs. The Campsite “Ozolkalns” offers fascinating and sporty adventures when travelling by canoe, SUP and inflatable boats and quiet rafting. From “Ozolkalns”, the flow of the River Gauja and own efforts made while rowing will allow to discover unique natural values at the banks of river and to reach Līgatne and Sigulda. And the “Ozolkalna” service will take care of return to the campsite.

The campsite offers accommodation at a cosy guesthouses - at warm houses, Forest house, Bilberry house. And it is possible to warm up and recrate at a steam room where it is possible to steam out under birch bath brooms. 

The Campsite “Ozolkalns” is pet-friendly and you may enjoy adventures together!


Campsite “Žagarkalns”

While travelling by campervan around Latvia, you may enjoy a quiet overnight stay at the Gauja National Park by staying at the campsite “Žagarkalns”. At this campsite, enjoy summer and early autumn idyll created by natural landscape, winding River Gauja, equipped beach and forest.

For excellent rest at the campsite beach volleyball and football grounds, a children’s playground are offered, and the guests are invited to explore Cīrulīši nature trails and swim at the well-equipped beach. “Žagarkalns” invites travellers to make their travel even more exiting by boating along the Rivers Gauja and Salaca by stable and fast kayaks and convenient canoe, rubber boats and rafts of different sizes and unique river catamarans offered by the campsite.

On weekends, the campsite “Žagarkalns” invites everyone to taste special meals from the Gauja Grillbar - Street Food prepared by the chef to enjoy special flavours of delicacies made of products of Latvian countryside.

When travelling by a campervan, Līgatne, unique cellar caves and cliffs, renewed paper plant, adjacent small village, winery, adventure park on the trees and much more can be easily observed! Līgatne is within 26 kilometres from the campsite “Žagarakalns”.                                                                  

Campsite “Markulici”

At campsite “Mārkulīči” the proximity of nature allows enjoying quietness and recreating before the travel around Latvia continues. The Campsite is located near the river Brasla, and trees offer shadow on a sunny day.

The campsite invites everyone who wants to have a great active time when boating along the river Brasla, to enjoy shooting at static and moving targets at the shooting ground, archery, field bowling, streetball, volleyball, football at well-equipped sport grounds. 

In they turn, those who like quiet rest may go for a stroll along the river, cross it walking along the net bridge or wooden bridge, warm up at a steam room and listen to birds singing, grasshoppers whirring.

Also try the swing park Brasla Adventure that is just 3 kilometres away from the campsite. A mega dose of adrenaline can be generated at the attraction Klingline - a surprise descent along the rope at 23 meter height over the river that unexpectedly turn into a wild swings.

When spending a night at the Campsite “Mārkulīči”, Straupe’s Farmers Market at the Horse Post Office and Straupe Hansa Market are “Must see” to taste local bio vegetables, fruits, sweet and fabulous cookery, and to take home the products made by local craftsmen. And today, Straupe is the smallest Hansa town in the world as it was centuries ago when it was a full-fledged member of the Hanseatic League.

At Pārgauja guests are invited to Ungurmuiža Manor - an ensemble of 18th century baroque wooden buildings. The rooms of Ungurmuiža Manor are richly decorated with wall paintings, and a teahouse allows to dream about old times and the Tea House offers linden tea for degustation. Ungurmuiža Restaurant serves meals prepared by recipes written down in 1740th and served to her family by baron Balthasar von Campenhausen’s wife, Helene Juliane.                                                               

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